Practical details  will be managed by the Ettore Maiorana centre:

Via Guarnotta, 26 – 91016 ERICE (Sicily) – Italy
Tel: +39-0923-869133 Fax: +39-0923-869226


  •  A limousine or a bus of the Ettore Majorana Centre (EMCSC) will be available provided you have properly filled and returned the Travel Form in due time. On your arrival at the airport or railway station you shall look for the driver of the EMCSC who is waiting for you and shall carry you to Erice. He will be there showing around the poster of the International School of Solid State Physics.


  • Check-in. On your arrival at the reception desk you shall fill the registration form, receive your room, your folder and your EMCSC badge. The reception desk is located at the EMCSC main building (San Rocco).


  • You are requested to have always your badge on, inside the EMCSC as well as outside, especially at restaurants, during excursions, social events and shopping (see below)


  • Fee Unless you have been awarded a full grant, you are kindly requested to pay the all- inclusive fee of 500 Euro, plus 100 Euro per day for each accompanying person (if any), by bank transfer to the account of the Ettore Majorana Foundation (see below). The participation fee is unbreakable, independently of the number of days you stay at the Conference, whereas the accompanying persons are charged on a daily basis. Please, do not forget bring with you a copy of the bank receipt proving the payment. You will receive the receipt from EMCSC secretariat. In case you have difficulties to perform the payment in this way please inform the Conference Scientific Secretary for instructions.    Participants will receive a certificate of their participation in the course/workshop, with indication of the fee paid (if any).


  • Accompanying persons Rooms in Erice are limited. Each person accompanying an applicant may mean one participant less accepted. For this reason persons accompanying accepted applicants are in general considered as regular participants with the same benefits and duties: they are requested to pay a fee of 100 Euro/day and to wear the EMCSC badge. Please indicate the name(s) of the accompanying person(s) in the Travel Form. Special cases (persons accompanying senior participants, children, accompanying nurse, etc.) and requests should be indicated in the Travel Form and negotiated with the Conference Scientific Secretary for instructions.


  • Accommodation of participants is organized by the Ettore Majorana Foundation either in their premises or in local hotels on the basis of the indications provided by the Organizing Committee and by participants in the Travel Form. Special requests should be addressed to the Conference Scientific Secretary. In case of large participation, students paying a reduced fee may be requested to share the room with another student. They may indicate in the Travel Form the name of another participant, with whom they wish to share the room in case of need. Under the rare circumstance that also single rooms available in Erice are not sufficient to accommodate all participants, rooms will be reserved in the (good) Hotel Erice in Erice downtown, connected to the top Erice village by a cable-way (breathtaking view!). The limousine to/from the downtown cableway station and the cableway ticket are offered by EMCSC.


  • General information After registration you should carefully read:  (1) the material in the folder concerning the regulations of the EMCSC, meals, the location of restaurants working for EMCSC, etc.; (2) the specific information about your course posted in the entrance hall of San Rocco (location and starting time of lectures, program, social events, etc.).


  • Conference site: the Conference oral sessions will take place at the Dirac Auditorium in San Domenico. The poster sessions are organized in the coffee-break area upstairs (Olof Palme room). Posters may be exposed the very first day during the first coffee-break and collected at the end of the conference. Smaller rooms are available on request for group meetings.


  • Technical facilities Moderate xerox-copying is free. A limited number of PC’s and internet terminals are available to participants at San Rocco (room of the 16th Century Madonna). Wireless connection is also possible. The EMCSC is equipped with power-point facilities as well as all traditional projectors.


  • Restaurants At the restaurants associated with EMSCS meals are free – you just have to show your badge and sign a list provided by the restaurant. Beverages and meals not included in the EMCSC menu are extras and should be paid for. The choice among the associated restaurants is absolutely free. Thus, if you need a special food (vegetarian, kosher, etc.) you should negotiate directly with the restaurant (the EMSCS secretary will be glad to offer his assistance). Coffee, tea, sandwiches, fresh fruits, mineral water and Sicilian sweets are freely available 24 hours in the San Rocco coffee area and in the coffee-break area at San Domenico.


  • Breakfast is served at San Rocco coffee area to all participants accommodated in the EMCSC premises, whereas participants in hotels may have their breakfast there or at San Rocco.
  • Banking A bank service (Banco di Sicilia) is available for cash (bancomat), money transfer and exchange operations, at two-minute walk from EMCSC.
  • Get-together You should not miss the after-dinner get-together which is due at 9.30 p.m. on the arrival day at the Marsala Room in San Rocco. You should do your best to reach Erice before 5. p.m. in order to have enough time to get in touch with the environment and to have a quiet dinner. No problem, however, if you cannot reach Erice but late at night: somebody will be waiting for you at the arrival place anyway. Participants from remote areas may ask to arrive one day earlier or/and leave one day later, with no extra-charge, provided rooms are available in Erice.
  • Smoking is forbidden inside all the facilities of the EMCSC (San Rocco, San Domenico, San Francesco), including rooms. In Italy smoking is also forbidden in restaurants, unless equipped with special smoking rooms. Restaurants in Erice are all no-smoking.


  • Dress Erice is at about 800 m above sea level, on top of a mountain next to the sea. Even in Summer evenings in Erice may be chill and, occasionally, foggy or/and windy. Do not forget to bring a good pull-over. Lecture rooms are inside old buildings and are agreeably fresh. On the other hand temperature at the archeological sites as well as at the beach can be blistering hot. Take all possible precaution: light stuff, good jogging shoes (to walk on the stones of the archeological sites as well as on the rough pavement of Erice streets), swimming suite (beach towels are provided by the EMCSC), sun-glasses, a good hat, etc. No formal dress is requested in any event, banquet included


  • Shopping Celebrated wines, cookies, ceramics, coral jewels and other Erice souvenirs may be purchased in some (not all) shops with a 10% discount (just show the EMCSC badge).


  • Music EMCSC facilities host two old (normally in tune at 440 Hz) pianos. Participants playing portable instruments are encouraged to bring them along (with the scores). Classic or folk music sessions are often organized in San Rocco, especially after some glasses of Marsala (free supply). All evening parties in the piano room must end at midnight.


  • EMCSC Personnel The EMCSC relies on a local staff, reduced in number but very efficient, ready to solve all difficult problems which may arise (travel ticket & reservation changes, PC facilities, visa, medical care, police, etc.). The reference person is Mr. Pino Aceto. For all technicalities concerning the course (travel grants, posters, transparencies, etc.) there is a School Secretariat office at San Rocco next to the Marsala Room.


  • CM vs. EMCSC The EMCSC is not a village of Club Mediterraneé®. Besides planning one excursion to the archeological sites, a reasonably long break is scheduled between morning and afternoon sessions to allow for contacts and discussions in the inspiring environment of Erice. The School discourages trips to the beach during the full working days and it should not be requested to organize excursions besides the planned ones. The success of the School relies on the full attendance of ALL participants to ALL sessions.