As novel FEL research infrastructures are coming online, efforts are urgently required in order to carry out  successful science programmes. This implies an overarching approach to the understanding of all experimental aspects, from pulse structure to sample delivery to detector response, and of the theoretical tools and methods for data analysis and interpretation.

The workshop is accordingly organized as a symposium, with introductory lectures covering the state-of-play of the relevant experimental and theoretical aspect of FEL-based science, followed by topical contributions. Each day will be dedicated to one set of topical aspects, from experiment design, to data analysis challenges, to theoretical understanding of strong-field light-matter interaction, to the understanding of the sources and their perspective evolution, with experimental considerations feeding back to accelerator physics for the optimization of the FEL sources. A large amount of time will be dedicated to  discussion and interactions among participants. Participants will also have the opportunity to present their own scientific results in the form of posters.